Canned Yellow Peach

Canned yellow peach is a canned food made from yellow peaches. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber and carotene needed by the human body. Generally, it can be eaten immediately after opening the lid or heated at high temperature. In the hot summer, put the canned yellow peaches in the refrigerator to taste better.
Yellow peach has been valued and cultivated on the land of China three or four thousand years ago. By the Qin and Han dynasties, various important varieties of peach had been cultivated. Golden peaches grafted with persimmons continued to multiply into today’s yellow fleshed peaches.
Yellow peaches are cultivated more in the northwest and southwest of China. With the development of canning processing business, the cultivation area in North China, East China, and Northeast China is also increasing. In particular, the quality of canned yellow peaches from Dangshan, Anhui is the best, while the yellow peaches from Dangshan, Anhui is the largest base in East China, ranking third in the world.
The local season is the first principle for adult mothers to choose ingredients. During the summer season, a large number of seasonal fruits are freshly marketed. It is convenient to eat fresh fruits and wash them. Freshly squeezed juices are refreshing when they are chilled. It is not bad to mix with a plate of mixed fruit salad. One approach is homemade fruit canned fruit canned in supermarkets readily available. Unfortunately,  DIY mom had to take advantage of fresh fruits so she quickly pick a big bag to go home, rinsed and cut into small pieces for later use, boil ]water in the pot, add the rock sugar to slowly melt, and then add yellow peaches to a high heat and a medium heat and simmer for ten minutes.


Yellow peach 3 catties
crystal sugar 350 grams
water Right amount
salt 5 grams
    1. Soak the yellow peach in water first, and peel it! Ensure that the peaches are intact!
    2. Then core the yellow peach and cut into small pieces!
    3. Put the yellow peaches in a basin, add water and salt to soak for 5 minutes!
    4. Pour out the salt water for soaking peaches, put the yellow peaches, rock sugar and appropriate amount of water into the pot!
    5. Cook on medium heat for 15 minutes!
    6. After the bottle is cleaned, put water into the microwave oven and turn on the microwave for 3 minutes to disinfect! Pour out the water and dry the bottle before use!
    7. Wait for the yellow peach to cool completely before putting it into the bottle..
Canned Yellow Peach


  • Don’t put too much water when cooking yellow peaches, too much water will affect the consistency of the peach water!
  • You can use a spoon to dig the core when cutting a yellow peach, because the core of a yellow peach is relatively small!
  • The time to cook yellow peaches can be controlled according to the size of the pieces you cut! In addition, after cooking, do not cover the pot when it is cool! The amount of sugar can be increased or decreased, because fresh yellow peaches are sour, so you can taste them when you cook them!
  • Try to use a slightly harder yellow peach, if it is too soft, it will not work!
Yellow peach is very nutritious. According to the experts of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, its main nutrients are: rich vitamin C and a large amount of lycopene, carotene and various trace elements required by the human body, such as selenium and zinc. They are significantly higher than other ordinary peaches, and also contain malic acid, citric acid and other ingredients. The skin and fruit of Splendid Yellow Peach are golden yellow, sweet and more acidic, and have a unique taste. Eating two of them a day can relieve bowel movement, lower blood sugar, blood lipids, resist free radicals, remove dark spots, delay aging, improve immune function, etc. It can also promote appetite. It can be called a health-care fruit and a peach for health.  

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